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My interest in public policy dates back to my youth discussing politics while still in high school.  I went to college and received my Bachelors in Environmental Studies with plans to continue my education.  I applied to and was accepted into the graduate City Planning program at Georgia Tech.  During my time there I had an opportunity to take a test ride on the MARTA rail system that was still under construction.  Also while at Tech I worked for a planning consulting firm representing the city of Forest Park during the reconstruction of Hartsfield-Jackson airport into the airport we know today. 

After graduating from Georgia Tech I kept up my interest in Planning but developed a career in information technology as a computer programmer.  I also earned a certification in project management. 


A lifelong Democrat I was registered as such where I used to live.  I have been coming to local county party meetings since I moved here and supported Democratic candidates for commission seats.  In 2017 I was elected to serve on the Gwinnett County Democratic party executive committee.


In the late 80s, I had an opportunity to serve as co-chair of the land use and development sub-committee of a county study committee looking into the future role of the county government where I was living at the time.  The role quickly evolved into my chairing the committee.  Twenty-five years ago I moved back to Georgia and settled in Gwinnett.  Soon after buying my home I became involved in my homeowner's association being appointed Vice-President of the board as well as joining the board of a countywide homeowners group that advised homeowners on planning and zoning issues. I eventually served as HOA President and still serve on the board. 

In 1996 I served on the first SPLOST citizens’ project selection committee as a homeowners’ nominee.  Subsequently, I served on the same committee for the two recent SPLOSTS as the environmental group representative and as an alternate. In between those roles I was one of the original appointees to the Gwinnett County Transit Advisory Board.  I eventually was reappointed for a second four-year term and served as the board chair and vice-chair.  Recently I served on the county transit study stakeholders committee.

I have also served on the McDaniel Farm Park steering committee, a county Trash Service study committee, the Engage Gwinnett budget review committee, and the Duluth Mayors Advisory Council. During the formation of the Gwinnett Village and now known as Gateway 85 CID I served on the team working with property owners to create the CID.

I have been a long time Sierra Club member and currently am conservation chair for the Gwinnett area Sierra Club group as well as a former executive committee member of that group. I also have co-chaired the state Sierra Club Sustainable Communities committee and have been a long time member of the state Regional Access to Improve Livability (RAIL) committee which supports work on all aspects of transit and transportation in Georgia.  

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